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United Nations Delegation Visits Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani

On Wednesday, December 7, 2022, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid al-Sistani met with Mr. Miguel Ángel Moratinos, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General responsible for drafting a plan to safeguard religious sites. The plan was developed in response to attacks on religious sites in various parts of the world in recent years.

During the meeting, Grand Ayatollah Sistani emphasized the importance of promoting peaceful coexistence, rejecting violence and hatred, and establishing values of harmony based on mutual respect and concern for the rights of people of different religions and ways of thinking. He also highlighted the need to address the root causes of religious persecution and extremism, which have resulted in attacks on defenseless civilians and religious heritage sites.

Grand Ayatollah Sistani expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the United Nations and wished Mr. Moratinos success in implementing the plan. He also conveyed his greetings to Mr. António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations.


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