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(Washington, D.C. - October 31, 2023) Executive Director of the Shia Muslim Foundation, Rahat Husain, participated in a meeting with the White House, and met with key figures from the Biden Administration to discuss pivotal issues concerning hate crimes in the homeland and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Representatives from the National Security Council, Office of Public Engagement, and the Domestic Policy Council were among the attendees.

The purpose of the meeting, initiated by the Biden Administration, was to discuss strategic approaches to counter the rise of hate crimes and provide effective humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict in Gaza. This discussion aligns with the broader objectives of promoting peace and aiding areas impacted by conflict.

A primary focus of the meeting was the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Deliberations centered around how to effectively reduce the conflict and aid civilians who are bearing the brunt of this crisis. The importance of swift and supportive action for those in need was a key poitn of these discussions.

Another critical topic addressed was the issue of doxxing and intimidation against pro-Palestinian students and activists on U.S. college and university campuses. The discussion underscored the challenges in safeguarding the right to free speech and peaceful activism, highlighting the need for protective measures and supportive policies.

The bullying of Muslim and Arab students in educational institutions across the country was also a point of concern. The meeting recognized the urgency of creating more inclusive and safe environments for students from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing the importance of educational and sensitization initiatives to foster mutual respect and understanding, especially for those students who support Palestine

Additionally, the discussion brought to light the importance of acknowledging and understanding the extent of civilian casualties in Palestine. Recognizing these losses is crucial in shaping international response and policy.

[Washington DC - October 29, 2023] – With heavy hearts and profound grief, the Shia Muslim Foundation mourns the sudden departure of the esteemed scholar, Sayed Asad Jafri. His loss is a deep wound in the hearts of the Shia Muslim community worldwide, as we bid farewell to a luminary who illuminated our path with his wisdom and devotion.

Sayed Asad Jafri, hailing from Toronto, Canada, was a product of a vibrant Islamic upbringing and community. The Sayed in pursuit of knowledge, attained a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree from the United States before his journey led him to the holy city of Qom. There, he completed his studies in Quranic Sciences, a testament to his unwavering commitment to the teachings of Ahlul Bayt.

In 2006, Sayed Jafri embarked on a mission to spread the teachings of the Ahlul Bayt, making stops in cities across the United States and Canada. While proficient in English, Urdu, and Farsi, he chose the English language to deliver his sermons and lectures, ensuring accessibility to a broader audience.

Beyond the pulpit, Sayed Jafri was a dynamic presence at various Islamic gatherings, including camps, fundraisers, and seminars. His discourses predominantly revolved around contemporary issues, offering profound insights into global developments and the unique challenges faced by the youth in the Western world.

In his unquenchable thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth, Sayed Asad Jafri also pursued a Master's degree in Islamic Theology at the Islamic College in London, a testament to his deep commitment to Shia scholarship.

The passing of Sayed Asad Jafri is an irreplaceable loss to the global Shia community. His teachings, illuminated by the light of the Ahlul Bayt, have left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of countless Shia Muslims, especially the youth who revered him as a guiding mentor.

The Shia Muslim Foundation extends its heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, and admirers of Sayed Asad Jafri. We pray for his eternal reward and implore that his legacy of enlightenment and devotion continues to guide and inspire generations to come.

Please recite Surah Fatiha in his honor.

(Edinburgh, Scotland - October 24, 2023) First Minister Humza Yousaf has joined faith leaders in Scotland to express a steadfast commitment against all forms of hate crime, bigotry and xenophobia.

In a joint statement, the First Minister and senior representatives of Scotland’s Jewish and Muslim communities have pledged to continue working together to foster community cohesion and goodwill across Scotland.

A copy of the joint statement from the First Minister and faith leaders is below.

We express today our mutual respect and understanding, recognising our common humanity, and with love and compassion, knowing that our hearts are full of pain. We also acknowledge the suffering caused to innocent life as a result of recent events and wholeheartedly pray for the full recovery of the many injured and for those who have lost loved ones.

In times of crisis, it is important for our faith communities, and all communities in Scotland, to reaffirm our relationships and maintain our continuing dialogue. We are steadfast in our commitment against all forms of hate crime, bigotry and xenophobia and we are proud of the strong inter-faith tradition in Scotland. We stand together in solidarity to reassure our communities of that continuing commitment. We will continue to work together to foster community cohesion and goodwill across Scotland, so that everyone can live in safety. We are proud of our close and strong working relationships, built up over many years, and which allows us the ability to work with confidence and trust.
  • Humza Yousaf, First Minister of Scotland

  • Rabbi Moshe Rubin, Senior Rabbi of Scotland

  • Chief Imam Dr. Sayed Razawi

  • Rabbi Eliran Shabo, Jewish Chaplain of Scotland Universities

  • Shaykh Hassan Rabbani, Chair of the Scottish Muslim Forum

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