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SMF Intern Joins Groundbreaking DC Muslim Intern Roundtable

Washington, D.C., July 25, 2023 - The Shia Muslim Foundation (SMF) is proud to announce that one of our distinguished interns participated in a significant diversity initiative organized by the US State Department - the DC Muslim Intern Roundtable. This pioneering event was attended by 47 motivated interns from various academic disciplines and aimed to spark enlightening discussions about multiple career pathways leading to governmental roles.

The roundtable served as a key platform for the participants, including our SMF intern, to interact directly with top-tier government officials, diplomats, and policy advisors. Engaging dialogues around the recruitment intricacies within the government and State Department unfolded, covering a wide spectrum of opportunities from internships and fellowships to civil service and foreign service positions.

Underscoring the need for diversity in policy shaping, the event emphasized the role of underrepresented communities in public service careers. Moreover, the roundtable discussions stressed cultural awareness, religious accommodations, and the fostering of an inclusive work environment within the government. The SMF values these principles and stands by the belief that every individual's unique perspective is a crucial asset in enhancing diplomatic efforts.

The profound impact this event left on our intern and all attendees will serve as a robust foundation in their pursuit of educational and career goals. The lessons and connections garnered at the DC Muslim Intern Roundtable are expected to play a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive, diverse, and representative government for all Americans.

The SMF, committed to promoting community engagement, interfaith dialogue, and mutual understanding, applauds the efforts of the State Department in launching this initiative. We are thrilled to see our intern partake in such a meaningful event and continue to encourage the participation of Shia Muslims in similar initiatives.

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**About Shia Muslim Foundation (SMF):**

SMF is a non-profit organization committed to supporting initiatives promoting interfaith dialogue, community engagement, and mutual understanding among diverse communities. Our mission is to foster an environment that encourages religious harmony, peacebuilding, and empowerment of Shia Muslims in the US and worldwide.


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