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SMF Delivers Food to Afghan Refugees

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

(LANDOVER, MD) On March 5, 2022, volunteers from the Shia Muslim Foundation came together to distribute food and groceries to the Afghan refugee community in Landover, Maryland. Over $2,500 in groceries were purchased, and distributed to approximately 30 families.

Unfortunately, their situation is much more tragic than most have realized. When volunteers were beginning to distribute the foods, a young girl wearing hijab, no more than 12 years old, ran across the road to ask the team, in broken English, if she could have some food.

She said her family didn’t have enough. It was only by chance she was walking on the road at that time and happened to see us, and she took the responsibility to try and get food for her family. This is because she knew there weren’t any other opportunities. Imagine the life that the refugees live, that even a little child knows to look for ways to feed the family.

This story was repeated over and over throughout the day. A mother with her two small children came. Two brothers came, and one of them said his wife was too sick to leave their home. Others reported that nearby Afghanis were so hungry that their clothes were falling off of them.

As much as they are struggling, they continually let us know that others are worse off than them. They are looking out for each other.

Despite the hard times, each of the refugees had a smile on their face. They have hope. It is up to us to fulfill this hope.

The Shia Muslim Foundation will return to donate more groceries in April 2022, just before Ramadhan. Please support our efforts with a donation.


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