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SMF Condemns Wall Street Journal article "Welcome to Dearborn, America's Jihad Capital" and calls for termination of involved staff

Summary of this article

Call for Retraction and Editorial Accountability:

  • The Shia Muslim Foundation requests the retraction of the article, citing inaccurate representation and harmful stereotypes.

  • Calls for an investigation into the editorial process and the termination of both the writer, Steven Stalinsky, and the responsible editor from the Wall Street Journal.

  • The article has resulted in violent threats to innocent Dearborn residents.

Misleading Characterization and Generalizations:

  • The article employs sensationalized language, particularly the title"America’s Jihad Capital," falsely and unfairly stigmatizing Dearborn's diverse community.

  • The title oversimplifies the reality on the ground, disregarding the myriad professions and positive contributions of Dearborn area Muslims.

Contributions to National Security:

  • Fails to acknowledge significant contributions made by Muslims in Dearborn to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

  • Overlooks the diverse and invaluable efforts of Muslim Americans in safeguarding the United States, perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Selective Portrayal of Views:

  • Egregiously neglects the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Dearborn who reject violence and terrorism.

  • Fails to recognize the rich tapestry of political discourse within the Muslim community, reducing legitimate political viewpoints to an inflammatory narrative.

Full text

WASHINGTON DC, February 4, 2024 - The Shia Muslim Foundation expresses profound concern over the opinion article titled "Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital" authored by Steven Stalinsky and published on February 2, 2024. We assert that the article perpetuates unfounded stereotypes, employs inflammatory language, and fails to accurately potray any aspect of the Dearborn community.

Misleading Characterization and Generalizations:

The article’s sensationalized language, particularly the label "America’s Jihad Capital," is not only false but also unfairly stigmatizes an entire community. Dearborn is home to a diverse population that engages in a myriad of professions and contributes positively to society. Associating the city with such a divisive term oversimplifies the reality on the ground.

SMF vehemently opposes the misleading and inflammatory title of the article, "Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital," as it is not only entirely inaccurate but also deeply insulting to the residents of Dearborn. This title perpetuates harmful stereotypes that have real-world consequences. The consequences are not confined to the realm of discourse; they extend to the safety and well-being of innocent residents who, as a result of this article, have faced threats. It is disheartening to learn that the Mayor of Dearborn has reported an increase in police patrols to ensure the safety of residents, highlighting the tangible impact of sensationalized journalism on the lives of ordinary citizens.

Journalistic responsibility demands a commitment to accuracy and fairness, and we call on the publication to acknowledge the real-world repercussions of its content. Such irresponsible reporting not only fuels discrimination but also compromises the safety of innocent individuals. We urge the media to recognize the gravity of the situation and refrain from perpetuating harmful narratives that contribute to the marginalization of communities, undermine social cohesion, and pose risks to public safety.

Selective Portrayal of Views:

The article egregiously neglects the overwhelming majority of Muslims in Dearborn and across the nation who unequivocally reject violence and terrorism. The Shia Muslim Foundation strongly condemns any form of terrorism and advocates for peaceful coexistence, as do the overwhelming majority of Muslims worldwide, including Dearborn area Muslims.

Failure to Respect Diversity of Opinions:

The Muslim community encompasses a spectrum of political opinions. It is harmful and bigoted to represent legitimate political viewpoints as akin to "jihad," - a term that most Americans associate with imagery of violence.

The failure to respect the diversity of opinions within the Muslim community is a glaring flaw in the article, "Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital." The Muslim community, much like any other religious or ethnic group, is characterized by a broad spectrum of political perspectives, ranging from conservative to liberal, and it is essential to acknowledge and respect this diversity.

By generalizing and misrepresenting legitimate political viewpoints as synonymous with "jihad," the article employs an inflammatory and bigoted narrative. The term "jihad," which holds a nuanced meaning in Islamic theology and can refer to personal spiritual struggle or collective efforts for social justice, is irresponsibly reduced to evoke images of violence and extremism in the minds of readers.

This oversimplification perpetuates harmful stereotypes and fails to recognize the rich tapestry of political discourse within the Muslim community. It is crucial to engage with the diversity of opinions, allowing for constructive dialogue that fosters mutual understanding. Responsible journalism should aim to elevate public discourse by fostering an environment that values diverse perspectives, promoting understanding, and challenging stereotypes rather than reinforcing them.

Contributions to National Security:

Despite the article's concerns about national security in Dearborn, it fails to recognize the significant contributions made by Muslims in the community to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Many Muslims in Dearborn actively engage in safeguarding the United States and play integral roles in counterterrorism efforts. The oversight of these contributions is a critical flaw in the article, as it perpetuates harmful stereotypes and fuels unfounded fears.

Characterizing an entire community as a potential security threat without acknowledging the diverse and invaluable contributions of Muslim Americans in law enforcement undermines the collaborative efforts to ensure the safety and security of the nation. Muslims in Dearborn, like any other community, are dedicated to upholding the principles of justice and protecting the welfare of their fellow citizens. Responsible journalism should highlight the positive contributions of diverse communities rather than perpetuating baseless suspicions that can lead to discrimination and erode the fabric of social cohesion.

The Shia Muslim Foundation Calls for Retraction of Inaccurate Article and Editorial Accountability

The Shia Muslim Foundation, deeply concerned about the misleading and inflammatory nature of the article titled "Welcome to Dearborn, America’s Jihad Capital" published in the Wall Street Journal formally requests the retraction of the said article and holds both the author, Steven Stalinsky, and the editorial team accountable for perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Basis for Retraction:

The article in question misrepresents the Dearborn community and the Shia Muslim population, employing sensationalized language that fosters fear and division. Such mischaracterizations contribute to the stigmatization of an entire community and undermine efforts to promote interfaith understanding and tolerance.

Inaccuracy and Lack of Nuance:

The article selectively highlights extreme viewpoints, presenting them as representative of the broader community. This lack of nuance misrepresents the diverse opinions within the Muslim population and fails to acknowledge the majority who actively reject violence and extremism.

Unfounded Security Concerns:

By insinuating a potential national-security issue without concrete evidence, the article not only misguides readers but also perpetuates harmful stereotypes. This kind of reporting can have real-world consequences, fostering discrimination and bias against Muslim communities.

Call for Accountability:

In light of the aforementioned concerns, the Shia Muslim Foundation calls for:

  1. Retraction of the Article: We request the Wall Street Journal to retract the article due to its inaccurate representation of the Dearborn community and the broader Muslim population.

  2. Editorial Accountability: We urge the Wall Street Journal to investigate the editorial process that allowed the publication of such a divisive and misleading piece. Accountability measures should be taken to prevent the dissemination of content that contributes to the marginalization of specific communities.

  3. Termination of Writer and Editor: Given the egregious nature of the inaccuracies and harmful stereotypes perpetuated in the article, we call for the termination of both the writer, Steven Stalinsky, and the responsible editor from the Wall Street Journal.

Promoting Responsible Journalism:

It is crucial for media outlets to uphold the principles of responsible journalism and to avoid publishing content that contributes to division and misinformation. The Shia Muslim Foundation remains committed to promoting accurate representation, fostering interfaith dialogue, and combating harmful stereotypes.


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