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SMF Attends National Muslim American Leaders Convening at the U.S. Department of Commerce

November 14, 2023 WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the Shia Muslim Foundation (SMF) participated in the groundbreaking National Muslim American Leaders Convening at the United States Department of Commerce in Washington D.C. This historic event, attended by numerous Shia organizations including Shia Rights Watch and representatives from various Shia mosques across the US, marked a significant stride towards empowering the Muslim American community.

The convening featured a lineup of distinguished American Muslim speakers such as Small Business Administration's Dilawar Syed, Farooq Mitha, Director of the Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP), and Fayrouz Saad, Director of Public Engagement for the CHIPS Program at the Department of Commerce. Their insights and experiences added substantial value to the discussions and workshops.

The event's primary objective was to empower the Muslim American community by sharing crucial resources and knowledge. Workshops covered a wide array of topics vital for community growth and development, including entrepreneurship, acquisitions, federal procurement, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) implementation, business development, data & innovation, climate resilience, equity, and anti-hate community organizing.

SMF's participation underscores its commitment to fostering growth and resilience within the Shia Muslim community in America. By engaging in this platform, SMF aims to bring back invaluable knowledge and resources to help bolster community initiatives and projects.

"This convening is a testament to the strides our community is making in key areas of development and civic engagement," said a spokesperson for SMF. "We are honored to be part of this dialogue and look forward to implementing these insights within our community."

The Shia Muslim Foundation continues to be at the forefront of advocating for and supporting the needs and interests of the Shia Muslim community in the United States.


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