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Shia Muslim Foundation Strengthens Security Collaboration at DHS Threat Briefing

WASHINGTON, DC – January 25, 2024 – The Shia Muslim Foundation (SMF) attended the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Quarterly Threat Briefing for Faith-Based Partners today, underscoring the vital role of interfaith collaboration in safeguarding houses of worship. The event, held on January 25, 2024, convened representatives from diverse religious communities nationwide to foster open dialogue and information sharing on emerging threats and security concerns.

DHS officials delved into a spectrum of pressing issues:

  • Evolving Threat Landscape: The briefing shed light on the latest tactics and trends employed by extremists and hate groups, with a specific focus on potential threats targeting faith-based communities. Representatives emphasized the importance of proactive measures to counter rising anti-Muslim sentiment and hate crimes.

  • Cybersecurity Imperative: DHS officials highlighted the growing vulnerability of religious institutions to cyberattacks, urging houses of worship to prioritize cybersecurity measures. Delegates shared their experiences in implementing data security protocols and raising awareness among community members about online threats.

  • Building Community Resilience: The discussion underscored the significance of interfaith collaboration and community engagement in bolstering resilience against potential threats.

“As faith-based communities, we stand united in the face of adversity,” stated Rahat Husain, Exectuive Director of SMF. “This briefing served as a crucial platform to exchange insights, strengthen partnerships, and equip ourselves with the knowledge and resources necessary to safeguard our communities.”

Beyond the Briefing: SMF's Continued Vigilance

The SMF’s participation in the DHS briefing is just one facet of its ongoing commitment to security. The organization recommends a range of measures to safeguard its members and place of worship, including:

  • Regular security assessments and vulnerability audits

  • Investing in cybersecurity infrastructure and staff training

  • Establishing close relationships with local law enforcement and emergency responders

  • Hosting security awareness workshops and educational programs

  • Fostering interfaith dialogue and promoting mutual understanding within the community

The SMF remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering a safe and secure environment for its members and the broader community. By actively engaging with government agencies, collaborating with other faith-based organizations, and implementing robust security measures, the SMF is committed to playing a vital role in enhancing the safety and resilience of houses of worship nationwide.

About the Shia Muslim Foundation

The Shia Muslim Foundation (SMF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Shia Muslim community in the greater Washington, D.C. area. SMF provides a variety of religious, educational, and social services to its members and the broader community.


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