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Shia Muslim Foundation's Executive Director Rahat Husain Joins White House Meeting on Combating Hate

(Washington, D.C. - October 31, 2023) Executive Director of the Shia Muslim Foundation, Rahat Husain, participated in a meeting with the White House, and met with key figures from the Biden Administration to discuss pivotal issues concerning hate crimes in the homeland and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Representatives from the National Security Council, Office of Public Engagement, and the Domestic Policy Council were among the attendees.

The purpose of the meeting, initiated by the Biden Administration, was to discuss strategic approaches to counter the rise of hate crimes and provide effective humanitarian assistance to those affected by the conflict in Gaza. This discussion aligns with the broader objectives of promoting peace and aiding areas impacted by conflict.

A primary focus of the meeting was the need for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Deliberations centered around how to effectively reduce the conflict and aid civilians who are bearing the brunt of this crisis. The importance of swift and supportive action for those in need was a key poitn of these discussions.

Another critical topic addressed was the issue of doxxing and intimidation against pro-Palestinian students and activists on U.S. college and university campuses. The discussion underscored the challenges in safeguarding the right to free speech and peaceful activism, highlighting the need for protective measures and supportive policies.

The bullying of Muslim and Arab students in educational institutions across the country was also a point of concern. The meeting recognized the urgency of creating more inclusive and safe environments for students from diverse backgrounds, emphasizing the importance of educational and sensitization initiatives to foster mutual respect and understanding, especially for those students who support Palestine

Additionally, the discussion brought to light the importance of acknowledging and understanding the extent of civilian casualties in Palestine. Recognizing these losses is crucial in shaping international response and policy.


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