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Shia Muslim Foundation Expresses Concern Over Immigration Hurdles Facing Visiting Imams

(WASHINGTON DC - September 30, 2022) The Shia Muslim Foundation is deeply concerned about the increasing number of immigration hurdles facing visiting Imams who are invited to conduct religious services for the Shia community in the United States. These Imams, who come from countries such as the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe, play a vital role in the religious practices of the Shia community and their ability to enter the country without delay or harassment is essential to the freedom of Shia Muslims to practice their religion.

Over the past few years, the Shia Muslim Foundation has witnessed a growing trend of visas being denied or delayed without explanation, and instances of harassment and intimidation at airports upon arrival. This is a disturbing development that threatens the ability of the Shia community to access the religious leaders and scholars they rely on for spiritual guidance and support.

In light of these issues, the Shia Muslim Foundation calls on the administration to take immediate action to address this situation and ensure that visiting Imams are able to enter the United States without interference or obstruction. We request a meeting with the appropriate officials to discuss the best way to resolve this matter and protect the religious freedom of Shia Muslims in the United States.


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