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Shia Muslim Foundation Attends White House Eid ul Fitr Celebration

[WASHINGTON DC, May 2, 2023] - The Shia Muslim Foundation is pleased to announce that its Executive Director, Rahat Husain, attended the Eid ul Fitr celebration at the White House yesterday. The Foundation expresses its gratitude for President Biden's remarks during the event and hopes that his messages can be carried to the broader American community.

During his speech, President Biden highlighted the contributions of Muslim Americans to the nation, emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the United States. The President also touched on the need to confront hate and Islamophobia, a sentiment shared by the Shia Muslim Foundation.

The Foundation appreciates the President's recognition of the role that Muslim Americans play in various fields, such as education, engineering, medicine, law, and politics. The President acknowledged the increasing number of Muslim Americans serving in Congress and the appointment of Muslim Americans to various positions within his administration.

Rahat Husain, Executive Director of the Shia Muslim Foundation, stated, "We are grateful for President Biden's message of unity and hope that his words resonate with the broader American community. We are committed to working together with the administration to combat hate, promote inclusivity, and ensure equal opportunities for all Americans."

The Shia Muslim Foundation is dedicated to fostering understanding and cooperation among communities, and the Eid ul Fitr celebration at the White House was a testament to the progress being made towards achieving that goal.


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