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Shia Muslim Foundation and Idara e Jaferia Host Successful Leadership Brunch, Fostering Unity and Collaboration in Montgomery County, MD

(Burtonsville, MD - April 27, 2024) The Shia Muslim Foundation, in collaboration with Idara e Jaferia, hosted a highly successful Leadership Brunch at their Burtonsville location. The event, held at 3140 Spencerville Rd, saw an impressive turnout of distinguished guests, including county delegates, state representatives, and key leaders from various sectors of Montgomery County.

Prominent among the attendees were representatives from the Montgomery County Police Department and notable Shia Muslim leaders from the Maryland community, including a representative from the Howard County Muslim Council. The brunch served as an exceptional platform for mosque leaders and county officials to engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering stronger relationships and promoting unity within the community.

Rahat Husain, Executive Director of the Shia Muslim Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming response and participation. "Today's event exemplifies the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect that is essential for the progress of our community. We are honored to have such esteemed guests join us in discussing initiatives that will undoubtedly contribute to the betterment of Montgomery County."

The gathering facilitated open discussions on various topics, including community safety, social welfare, and collaborative efforts to address the challenges faced by the Shia Muslim community. The event highlighted the importance of interfaith dialogue and the shared commitment to fostering a harmonious and inclusive society.

The Shia Muslim Foundation extends its heartfelt thanks to all the attendees for their valuable contributions and support. The organization looks forward to continued collaboration with county officials and community leaders to ensure a brighter and more unified future for all residents of Montgomery County.

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About Shia Muslim Foundation:

The Shia Muslim Foundation, established in 2020, is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. The foundation works to support the civic rights of American Shia Muslims, advocate on social and political issues, and promote the rights and welfare of Shia Muslims globally. With a focus on addressing the challenges faced by the Shia Muslim community, the foundation aims to raise awareness about the persecution of Shia Muslims and foster understanding and cooperation between the Shia and Sunni communities.


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