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Department of Homeland Security Meeting with Shia Muslim Foundation

Washington D.C., April 20, 2023 – The Department of Homeland Security recently hosted a virtual Muslim community roundtable, titled DHS Ramadan Virtual Muslim Community Roundtable, with representatives from the Shia Muslim Foundation. The meeting was a productive and meaningful discussion about issues affecting the Muslim community, including those that impact Shia Muslims specifically.

The meeting was a positive step towards building a more inclusive and just society for all Americans, regardless of their religious beliefs. The Shia Muslim Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with the Department of Homeland Security and looks forward to continuing to work together to promote the rights and welfare of American Shia Muslims.

About the Shia Muslim Foundation:

The Shia Muslim Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to promote the rights and welfare of Shia Muslims around the world. Through various initiatives and programs, the foundation addresses the unique challenges faced by the Shia Muslim community and fosters greater understanding and appreciation of the Shia faith and its followers.

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